The Electro-Pop Singer-Songwriter Perfectly Encapsulates The Monotony Of Life As We All Just ‘Go Through The Motions’ These Days. 

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GHEDI – “Autopilot”
RIYL: Need something to listen to on your morning commute.
What Else You Should Know: GHEDI, also known as Sean Ghedi, is a Dallas-area native studying musical theatre at Oklahoma City University and has been making music since early high school. He made his debut in 2019 with his single “Epitaph” featuring Avery Bruce and Yaro.  

Since then, he has released his first EP, Internet Sounds, which features three electronic-pop songs, all produced on his iPhone. Ghedi knew that he wanted to release an EP this year, but the process took longer than he thought. He knew he wanted to tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end, and he was going to wait until he got it just right. “Autopilot” is the first of the three songs and chronicles the monotony of a daily routine with jangly instrumentals and and character-like vocals. 

Lyrically, Ghedi’s bellows of “going in circles like a revolving door” and sentiments of mental malfunctioning are particularly appropriate for the times. 

“I hate the idea of slaving away at a job every single day just so I can have a few hours to do what sparks joy in me on the weekends,” Ghedi says of the track. “Should I try to escape the cycle or just keep going through the motions?” 

The twang from his single coil guitar will have you wanting to get up and dance, and who are we to deny anyone of that right now.

Cover photo via GHEDI on Soundcloud.

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