[SLIDESHOW] The Hypebeasts And Stans Of JMBLYA ’18.

Between Its Dallas, Austin And Houston Stops, More Than 80,000 People Showed Up To Scoremore’s Sixth Annual JMBLYA Festivals.

All photos by Breanna Loose.

Listen, there’s a reason why we’ve given JMBLYA a lot of love this week, covering Friday’s offering in Dallas and separately comparing how each of the festival’s stops over the course of its run across the state played out.

It’s because Scoremore’s annual hip-hop festival has turned into something of a hulking beast over the course of its six-year run. And this year’s three-city run across Texas — with stops in Dallas, Austin and Houston last weekend — only confirmed that much.

According to festival organizers, this years sixth annual offering drew more than 80,000 hip-hop fans out to its offerings over the course of the weekend. Granted, it did so by repeating a single lineup three times in three days across three major Texas cities, but that’s an insane number! How so? Well, it puts JMBLYA’s draw on par with Bonnaroo and other major national music festival players.

Not bad, not bad.

Indeed, as is always the case with these things, while the names on the bill are what grabs the headlines, it’s ultimately the people who buy the tickets who are the real stars of the show. To that end, we’ve put together the above slideshow from photographer Breanna Loose of our favorite fan shots from all three of the festival’s stops this weekend.

Check those pics out! And, if you somehow find yourself still needing more JMBLYA recaps to get a sense of what it was like after you’ve done that, then scroll through the below trio of short video recaps of each day of JMBLYA, as shot by Blake Rabe for fest’s organizers.




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