Redsean Slips Us An Exclusive, Dance-Ready Mix

Sean Humphrey is no stranger to the local music scene. Be it through in his late ’00s efforts in fronting area electronic dance act Sydney Confirm or, more recently, through various DJ gigs under his Redsean moniker, this proudly feline-adoring nu disco and house music guru has long been a familiar face about town. He’s lent his production talents to some familiar names, too, having crafted high-energy dance remixes for the likes of Passion Pit, Au Revoir Simone and Dallas-based electronic outfits Ocelot and Ishi.

These days, you’re most likely to find Humphrey behind the booth at vaious clubs around town or as the in-house lighting guru at the red-hot Rio Room. Expect to only see more of him in the near future, though; Humphrey tells us that he’s got plenty in store for the rest of 2012, in both his remixing and his own solo songcrafting fronts.

To prep the Central Track audience for what’s to come, Humphrey was kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix he’s calling “Haus Party, Vol. 1.”

As for what you can expect in this particular mix, well, we’ll just let him explain.

“The name is sort of a double entendre,” Humphrey says. “I record all of my mixes live, but, for this one, it seemed especially necessary. I wanted it to feel like the soundtrack to a house party, where anything can happen — as you’ll hear in the second half. And, obviously, it starts off with house music.”

Go find your dancing shoes, fools.

Download Redsean’s exclusive Central Track mix here.

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