[Review] Lorelei K Is In Control Of Her Light.

The Experimental-Pop Artist’s Album Debut Show At Dan’s Silverleaf Was An Emotional Look At One Of The Brightest Acts In Local Music.

On Friday, Denton alt-pop singer-songwriter Lorelei K unveiled her long-awaited debut full-studio release, Lightbender at Dan’s Silverleaf, with a performance of the album in-full.

Joining her for the celebration were members of Denton art collective  Spiderweb Salon, and electro-goth band Felt & Fur. Opening the ceremony holding candles and draped in cloaks were artists from Spiderweb Salon, who took turns reading poetry over ambient instrumental music creating an almost hymnal performance. After, Felt & Fur took the stage for a quick set full of soundscapes akin to the peak of ’80s synth-wave. Both acts would ultimately serve as the perfect companion sounds for the experimental nature of Lorelei’s showcase of Lightbender.

Lorelei took the stage with a nine-member band — the first time she’s played with a band of such size — sailing through the tender, emotional lyrics that fill the air of her new album. But perhaps her most vulnerable moment of the night came about halfway through the show during “White Dress” (the final track on Lightbender), as she was joined by Pinson, who features on the song.

“Sometimes it’s hard to feel pure living in a trans body,” she told the audience. “But you just have to redefine your purity. Then we can all be pure and we can all be angels and we can all bend the light.”

Lorelei, who is trans, has chronicled her experience of coming into her own body through Lightbender, a figure which she referred to as an angel during her set.

“[Lightbender] is about redefining purity and seeing yourself in a positive light,” she says. “Even after change and having things that negatively define you to some people. It’s about the work that it takes to see yourself in a new light.”

Toward the end of her set, Lorelei also took a moment to thank Michael Briggs of Civil Audio, who she attributed as the reason the album exists, and for being playing a necessary role in her creative journey.

Briggs and Lorelei K aren’t done shaping their prisms through light-bending yet, however — Night 2 of Lightbender‘s showcase will take place Friday, November 1 at Texas Theatre.

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