The Top Editor At Dallas’ Only Daily Talks About His Paper’s Coronavirus Coverage, His Concerns About Staff Mental Health And The Media Landscape At Large.

On Tuesday evening, Dallas Morning News editor Mike Wilson became the latest local luminary to join us in our Quarantine Q&A terror dome over on Instagram Live.

In addition to some discussion about Wilson’s rise through the journalism ranks and what eventually brought him to the DMN in early 2015, our talk most centers around the legacy media outlet’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic — including how the paper is going about covering this global, how it’s affecting internal editorial operations and how it might be putting a strain on the mental health of the newspaper’s staff.

Wilson also offers up some answers as to why the paper has pushed the bulk of its coronavirus coverage in front of its paywall, what subscribing to the paper means in terms of keeping it afloat and what it means when the CEO of the paper tells investors that the paper doesn’t currently see a path to profitable digital operations as he did earlier this week.

In all, our chat a long, probably too-insider-y look at the current media landscape — although media wonks are sure to find most of it pretty insightful.

Hit play on the below embed to see if you call into that camp.

Photo of Mike Wilson by Ashley Landis, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News.

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