Prepaid Parking At DFW Airport: Safe. Secure. Ready.

It's simple to sign up for DFW Prepaid Parking.Just outside DFW International Airport entrance.The QR code-specific entrance gates for people who purchase Prepaid Parking.Scan the QR code sent to your phone by DFW Prepaid Parking at signup.Follow the signs to your gate.Use these signs to find where the available parking spots are located.See an open spot? Take it.Celebrate!Get your bags out of the trunk.Take one of those classic Instagram photos.Head on into the airport.Check your flight times and grab some hand sanitizer.Note this effective advertising campaign!Maybe grab some food?Take off!

Looking To Get Out Of Dodge For A Minute? DFW Airport’s Prepaid Parking Option Has A Safe, Secure And Cost-Effective Deal You Need To Know About.

This is a sponsored post presented by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Prepaid Parking. By using the prepaid parking option at DFW, travelers can park just steps away from their departure gate for up to 50 percent off the usual rates. For the next week, though, the deal is even sweeter: Parking purchased by September 2 for travel dates between then and December 31 will cost just $8.99/day — significantly down from the usual $24/day rate. Prepay for your parking now; this deal only lasts through next Wednesday.

My fiancee and I had been going stir-crazy. We wanted a change of environment; after more than five months of stringently locking ourselves down at home with but a few exceptions, we needed — at the very least — to just get out of our apartment for a day or two.

For months now, we’ve watched on as our Instagram Stories have been filled photos and videos showing friends and acquaintances gleefully heading out of the city for a bit of respite from *gestures broadly* everything going on. We couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. At the same time, we worried — a lot — about whether doing so was safe.

Would indulging in a short excursion outside of city limits just immediately undo all the diligent work we’d put in so far to ensure our health amidst the ongoing pandemic?

Probably not, actually.

So long as you mask up and take all the proper precautions, experts now say that flying on an airplane is likely far safer than you think it is. And, now, the same is true of getting to and from the airport itself — well, here in North Texas, anyway, where a new promotion from DFW International Airport’s Prepaid Parking provides not just safety, but also security and affordability to those who are traveling during these uncertain times.

From August 25 until September 2, as part of a Labor Day promotion, DFW Prepaid Parking is selling parking spots booked for any travel date between September 2 and December 31 for just $8.99 a day. This is down significantly from the $24-per-day rate charged for these spots to those who don’t prepay; it’s down, even, from the up-to-50-percent-off rates travelers can normally get by prepaying for their parking at DFW International Airport when promotions like this aren’t in play.

The benefits to this prepaid parking option at the airport are many. Just a few examples:

  1. It’s hella affordable. Just consider how much more than $8.99 per day a rideshare to and from the airport might cost — especially for shorter trips. Just going out of town for a night or two? Contrast that with what a pair of $50 rides to and from the airport would normally cost you, and put those savings elsewhere into your travel budget.
  2. It’s incredibly convenient. Prepaid spots are found in the terminal lots, located mere spitting distance from security gates. There’s no waiting around for your ride to show, and no unnecessary additional exposure to the elements. The entire process makes getting into and out of the airport a breeze.
  3. It certainly feels safer. This might seem obvious, but why bother increasing your bubble to include your ride to the airport if you don’t have to?
  4. It’s extremely easy to book and execute. The DFW Prepaid Parking site is super simple to use. You just log on, select your travel dates and times, enter some vital information about your vehicle and purchase. At your discretion, the system will then either link your purchase to your TollTag or provide you with a QR code to be used at the appropriately marked airport entrance gates. Then, when your travel date arrives, you just drive to the airport, head to your terminal’s parking lot and make use of the signs placed throughout the parking garage to find an open spot located as close to your gate as possible. And then? Well, you park and head off along your way.

One of the major stresses of airport travel in general — and perhaps especially in these trying times — is just how many of its elements are out of your own control. This past weekend, DFW Prepaid Parking definitely felt like a means to retaining some personal control over an otherwise stressful situation.

It should also be said: The precautions taken throughout the airport — masked-up employees, hand-sanitizing stations located throughout the terminal, sneeze-guards installed at all points of contact, etc. — also went a long way toward calming our general concerns.

Well, our travel concerns, anyway. As for our general, mid-pandemic life troubles? The trip itself certainly helped with that, I’ll say. Back in Dallas and our brief vacation over, my fiancee and I are no longer feeling as stir-crazy as we were before.

We’re just back to regular-crazy now.

And next time we head back to the airport? You can bet we’ll be looking into the DFW Prepaid Parking option again.

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