With A Need For It More Than Ever, Claire Morales’ New Music Video Is A Reminder That The Light Always Manages To Break Through The Dark Times.

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Claire Morales – “Golden
RIYL: Remembering there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
What Else You Should Know: On top of her exceptional musicianship, Denton’s Claire Morales has an aptness for visual storytelling.

Inspired by her own experience in helping a close friend in her journey out of the woods, Morales’ vision of the video for “Golden” tells a story of reimagined Greek mythology through women supporting other women. She also brought the concept full-circle in shooting and editing the video with her longtime friend Monica Eggerton, whom she says has been a longtime source of support since the early days of her music.

“The three women represent the Hesperides,” Morales says. “The nymphs that guard the golden apples in Greek mythology. In this story, they are the creatures who help you to access the goodness within yourself, the keepers of this golden light.”

The video for the slow, gusty track from 2018’s All That Wanting arrives from a moment of almost eerie prescience, something not lost on Morales.

Now, as we take on these times of unprecedented altering of a world overcome with collective fear, the song and its video have subsequently taken on a new meaning for Morales.

“As I watch the world fall into this heavy, dark place, it feels more important than ever to be kind to those around you and help one another through this,” she says. “I hope people can watch this and feel less alone, less afraid and more able to see how worthy they are, how capable of perseverance they are. I hope this can be a bright spot in the dark.”

To which I congratulate Morales on a job well done, as the video for “Golden” is a gorgeous escape from our dreadful reality, and will likely give you a glimpse of hope that we’ll find our way back soon enough.

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