Meet Dallas’ Best New Band, If You Please.

Siamese’s Album Release Show At Texas Theatre On Saturday Was A Night Of Movie Magic.

All Photos by Cal Quinn.

Not sure how many different ways we can put this, but Siamese is Dallas’ best new band.

That’s really the most succinct way to phrase it. And with the release party for their debut album The Mesmerist that the band threw Texas Theatre on Saturday, it’s truth Siamese really put on blast themselves.

The historic theater was a perfect setting for the event, as the album makes thematic and lyrical references to classic films like Truffaut’s Bed & Board, and stock characters like the ingénue. It also provided a nice backdrop for Siamese’s often elaborate stage decorations — or set design, if we’re sticking with the film theme — which was even more over the top on this occasion.

But, as we’ve also repeatedly stressed, none of the decor, costumes, makeup or choreography — which was provided by Danielle Georgiou this time around — would amount to squat if the band’s songs themselves weren’t up to the task of soundtracking such a spectacle. Fortunately, in the case of The Mesmerist, in which St. Vincent-like guitar heroics and elements of glam, dream pop and art rock flow seamlessly together to drag listeners along a cohesive dramatic tale, everything works magically in concert with one another.

We’ve gone ahead and embedded the thing below, which should provide a nice score as you scroll through the slideshow from photographer Cal Quinn, who was at the Texas Theatre this weekend to capture some of the movie-like magic.

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