Is There Anyone More Suited For Adapting To Touring In A Socially Distant, Digital Age Than Dallas’ Increasingly Viral Loop Daddy?

Dallas native Marc Rebillet might just be leading the future of touring in a post-coronavirus world.

In the midst of ongoing live music cancellations all over the world, the electronic musician, who has amassed notable online popularity in recent years, has done the unthinkable — booked a tour. Rebillet, aka “Loop Daddy,” will play five shows across the U.S. (including a two-day stop in Fort Worth) at drive-in movie theaters throughout June and July.

“It’s fucking going down! I’m pumped,” Rebillet says in the tour announcement video.

The touring industry at large has all but spiraled to a halt, and left even the most mammoth of mainstays like SXSW looming in uncertain futures.

Rebillet’s pivot to drive-in performances isn’t unheard of, however. Just this past weekend, DJ Blake Ward, along with a handful of entertainers like Ishi, sold out his latest Disco, TX party held in the parking lot of Brizo Bar right here in Dallas.

Rebillet’s tour, which is being hailed as the first-ever drive-in tour, might be the new normal for musicians who are hungry to get back out on the road.

“Some drive-in concerts have already occurred,” Rebillet told CNN. “But this will be the first-ever proper US drive-in tour.”

The concept allows for audience members to safely enjoy the show through maintaining proper social distancing, staff with gloves and masks and 15-minute windows designated for restroom breaks by car row.

For his part, Rebillet has managed to keep the same enthusiasm that led him to wildin’ to the top in a way that now sees him landing on his feet in uncharted times.

“The entire live entertainment industry has just been completely paralyzed,” Rebillet told CNN. “No one is doing anything, because we can’t. This just got me super, super excited. It’s really a beautiful idea.”

Ticket prices start at $90 for two people, and can only be purchased online in group packages.

Cover photo by Roisin courtesy of Marc Rebillet.

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