Meet The Azalea Project, The Most Badass High School Rock Band In Dallas.

Welcome to Live at Malone Pictures, a new collaborative video project we’ve now embarked upon alongside our pals at Deep Ellum video production house Malone Pictures. For more clips from the LAMP crew, check out — and subscribe — to the series’ Youtube page.

Assuming they arrived at the Prophet Bar early enough, attendees at June’s Spune-curated, The Octopus Project-headlined Red Bull Sound Select showcase received a special treat meant to help kick the night off: Unannounced, a fourth band called The Azalea Project was added to the front-end of the bill.

In a night filled with high-energy performances (Nashville’s Future Unlimited and Dallas; own Analog Rebellion also performed) and freebies (paletas!), though, the significance of that first offering was mostly lost on the majority of the room. So why was it important? Because the members of Azalea Project are still in high school. More impressive: They don’t just attend any school; rather, every Monday through Friday, these kids can be found walking the halls of Booker T. Washington, a school with a reputation for producing industry stars (Norah Jones, Erykah Badu, Roy Hargrove, Edie Brickell and about a bajillion others).

Was it the greatest live show ever seen on this planet? To be frank: No, it wasn’t. It was solid enough, but understandable nerves — nearly every single person in the space was old than this outfit’s members — shone through.

But The Azalea Project’s potential was quite palpable on that night all the same. And, in our latest episode of Live at Malone Pictures (check out last week’s episode here), that promise is even greater. It’s downright undeniable, really.

You’ll see what we mean when you give the below clip a watch. So do that. And then get ready to hear much, much more from this band in the future.

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