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Scenes From The 2015 Mad Decent Block Party in Dallas.

Do yourself a favor and hop on the Mad Decent Block Party’s Instagram account real quick. Browse around for a minute, too.

There, you’ll see something that the below photos make clear: Dallas’ home for this annual touring affair — below the Woodall Rodgers overpasses of Downtown Dallas — is wholly unique.

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That was the big takeaway on Saturday for me, really, as I attended my first MDBC after editing reviews of the last two in-town events. It’s tough to help that much: It’s just such a unique, cool-looking setting — like an NBA Street level, really. Granted, it doesn’t make for the most quality-sounding offering — MDBC was boomy as hell on Saturday — but the sheer volume of the sounds emitting from the stage on Saturday did its best to counteract all that.

My other big takeaway? Skrillex is an awesome performer, a guy who’s just on a completely different level than his counterparts in the EDM world when it comes to engaging an audience. (I guess I just really enjoy the guy? Guess so…) Thank goodness he was on this otherwise fairly run-of-the-mill lineup. His offering really set this year’s MDBC off.

I mean, the whole day was pretty hyped-up. The below photos from photographer Kathy Tran show that well. But Skrillex’s set? It was a party unto itself.

All photos by Kathy Tran.










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