Scenes From Last Night’s Cashmere Cat And GoldLink Show At It’ll Do.

Waiting on the quickly-filling dance floor at It’ll Do last night in anticipation of GoldLink and Cashmere Cat’s sets, we found ourselves thinking back to the unofficial rules of the night that the event’s organizers posted to their Facebook page: “Dance hard. Party smart. Tip your bartenders. No cell phones on the dance floor.”

Even without such an implicit warning, we doubt anybody would have considered pulling out their phones anyway. The dance floor was used for just one thing last night — dancing.

Yes, the night was just that good.

After a solid opening set from Dallas’ Trillwave crew, GoldLink did his best to perpetuate his “faceless sex symbol” persona, performing behind the DJ booth, tucked safely under the shadows of the speakers. Nevertheless, his voice influenced and encouraged the crowd. Even under these circumstances, the Virginia-based producer appeared larger than life — much different than his quiet demeanor after leaving the stage.

Following a seamless transition, things only got better once Cashmere Cat began his set. Behind an androgynous, long blonde quaff, the producer kicked things off with a feminine touch. There was never a dull moment, as his eclectic mix induced a tickling sensation deep within those of us crowded under the disco ball.

At show’s end, Cashmere Cat summoned up his inner feline side, gracefully leaping over his DJ equipment into the warm embrace of a crowd that hadn’t left the dance floor all night — or pulled out their phones even once.

Who says following the rules can’t be fun?6836_26836_36836_46836_56836_66836_76836_86836_96836_106836_116836_126836_136836_146836_156836_166836_176836_186836_196836_20

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