In Advance Of Their Album Release, The Roomsounds Offer Us A Free Track.

Once upon a time, there was a band that played the Warped Tour called Dead Legend. They were from Connecticut, and they sounded, well, pretty much exactly like most undercard Warped Tour bands sounds like, which is to say trite, emotive and geared towards teenage girls.

No wonder they broke up.

But members Ryan Michael and Sam Janik didn’t part ways from one another. Instead, the songwriter duo soldiered on and started to head south to Texas. But instead of Austin, the twosome settled in Dallas, convinced that they’d seen something they’d like in the city the few times they’d toured through.

They changed up their songwriting style, changed their look and changed their band name to The Roomsounds, a long-haired outfit that fit quite nicely into the area music scene niche already featuring acts such as Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights and Kirby Brown.

And now, more than three years after moving to Dallas and starting to work on their new project, all the while playing shows around town to tighten their performances, the band is ready to make its formal debut. Tonight, the band will celebrate the release of their debut, self-titled album with a performance at the Prophet Bar.

The album, as you might expect, is a classic rock-influenced, high energy affair filled with big hooks and frenzied riffs.

In advance of tonight’s performance and album release, the band has been kind enough to pass along their song “Barn Burner” as a free download to Central Track readers. Check it out below.

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