Owners Of Bomb Factory And Trees Confirm Plans To Re-Open Long-Dormant Deep Ellum Live Space.

Pretty much since the moment when Clint and Whitney Barlow, the husband-and-wife team behind the revitalization of Deep Ellum venue Trees, announced that they were going to take their same regeneration talents to the the long-dormant The Bomb Factory space, speculation has run rampant about what that move might mean for The Bomb Factory’s neighboring venue, the also long-dormant (and also revered) Deep Ellum Live, which closed in 2004.

Now, after a largely successful and sometimes surprising year and a half since The Bomb Factory’s opening, we know the answer to Deep Ellum Live’s fate: The Barlows are bringing that sucker back from the dead, too.

That news came to light this morning thanks to the following Facebook post from Clint Barlow himself:

A little mysterious and vague? Perhaps. But anyone who’s ever walked past the Bomb Factory will recognize that those checkered windows belong to Deep Ellum Live’s 2727 Canton Street address. Also, while calls to both Barlows with queries on the meaning of this posting have yet to be returned, Trees and Bomb Factory creative director Gavin Mulloy confirms that the general suspicion this picture brings up is accurate.

“We’re gonna open Deep Ellum Live,” Mulloy says, matter-of-factly confirming the idea.

As Clint’s picture indicates, things are clearly still in the earliest stages of development, but Mulloy says an agreement on the space has been reached with the landlord.

As was the case with The Bomb Factory, the next step is now a complete build-out of the space, which checks in at just under half of The Bomb Factory’s size, but substantially larger still than Trees.

“It will host events that we haven’t been able to have at our other venues [Bomb Factory and Trees] because we’ve been booked,” Mulloy says. “We have more opportunities right now than we have rooms.”

Mulloy says the Barlows loosely hope to have the Deep Ellum Live space ready for business at some point in 2017, although construction and permitting speeds will likely dictate that timeline. Regardless, he says people should know what to expect of the space once it’s ready.

“It will be the same kind of thing we’re doing,” Mulloy says of the plans for the room. “We’re going to build it out and see.”

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