Blue, The Misfit and Director Jeremy Biggers Just Dropped An Amazing New Music Video.

Far as we’d previously been concerned, the race for 2014 North Texas music video of the year had pretty much been called back in February when the beer- and weed-loving doowop punks in War Party dropped the gem that is their “Every Day I Bite The Hook Video.”.

Well, it only took nine months, but now War Party’s finally got itself a little competition.

Less than an hour ago over on HipHopDX, Blue, The Misfit dropped the Jeremy Biggers-directed video for his X, The Misfit-featuring cut “Alive.”

And, hot damn, it’s amazing.

Of course, Biggers — who, full disclosure, contributes visuals to this site from time to time — is no stranger to impressive music video direction and concepts. But this here is just next level stuff. The animation is awesome, the cameo from Brain Gang affiliate Killa is amazing and the green screen efforts are impressive as hell. The clip not only matches the humorous tone of Blue’s lyrics; it elevates them, just as a proper music video is supposed to do.

It’s phenomenal. You’ve got to watch it. So do that. If only to see the winking dog at the end. Because that happens, too.

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