One of North Texas' Greatest Bands Calls It Quits And A Dallas-Sprung Rapper Tops The Charts.

We won't really blame any North Texans for feeling as if the Toadies' year-long celebration of Rubberneck's 20th anniversary has maybe run its course at this point. But maybe this dismissive attitude is simply due to the fact that most people don't truly grasp what a massive feat it is for a band to simply stay together 20 years, much less while continuing to tour and release albums.

The difficulties surrounding this accomplishment are something Denton luminaries Centro-matic certainly know well. And how: On Sunday, band leader Will Johnson posted a lengthy entry on the band's official blog, announcing that, after 19 completely drama-free years together, Centro-matic will end its run following its upcoming December tour.

Writes Johnson in that statement: “For a handful of reasons, the time finally feels right to celebrate the existence of this thing, then let it rest. I do think that the four of us will embark on some musical endeavor together again, but can't say that it will be within the realm or tone of what Centro-matic has done.”

So perhaps South San Gabriel or any other of the bands' possible future alter egos will live on beyond the band's already-sold-out dual farewell shows on December 19 and 20 at Dan's Silverleaf.

Of course, as one iconic area outfit fades away, another locally-tied musician's career is just starting to really take off. After five of his previous albums have topped the gospel charts, the sometimes-Dallas-based Lecrae's new Anomaly LP is the Christian rapper's first to ever top the Billboard 200. It's an accomplishment even more impressive than it sounds: As Rembert Browne points out in his 1,600-word profile on Lecrae for Grantland, the rapper is the first-ever musician to have an album simultaneously top the Christian, gospel and Billboard charts.

Just as remarkable, perhaps, is the fact that Lecrae is seemingly everywhere these days, which isn't always the case with Christian musicians. For instance, he was recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Further making the hometown crowd proud is the fact that the album's lead single, “Welcome to America,” was also produced by Dallas's own J. Rhodes and Symbolyc One.

Check out that song — as well as the rest of the country's No. 1 album — below.

Also on NBC this week was Fort Worth's Luke Wade, whose audition on The Voice was the talk of the internet long before the show's premiere last night. In case you missed it, you can re-watch that one below. Spoiler alert: Given his choice of the lot after all four judges were begging him to join their ranks, Wade opted to join Team Pharrell.

Speaking of locals teaming up with legends, Kool Keith and A.Dd+ joined forces for the innuendo-rich single, “Magnum Large,” which earned its release last week. The pairing shot a video for the song with the Dallas hip-hop scene's go-to music video director Jeff Adair when Kool Keith was in town for a performance in August of 2013. Check that clip out below.

The track, it's worth noting, was produced by frequent Yung Nation collaborator Tony Slowmo, and it will appear on his upcoming Grammy LP.

Naming one's album after the award you hope it wins is a bold move. It's kind of like, say, getting a tattoo of your sport's championship trophy in the offseason or when a decades-old band replaces a long-tenured frontman with a wildly different type of singer.

Then again, that last one's been done, too: Most recently, it was Gwar. OK, OK. So Gwar isn't at all-local, but c'mon, multiple Dallasites (Rigor Mortis' Casey Orr, Hagfish' Zach Blair) have over the years passed through the ranks of band, which found itself facing a hard decision as how to best replace founding member Dave Brockie after he passed away due to a heroin overdose earlier this year. In what's being called the comedy shock-rockers' most shocking movie yet, the band introduced a new character into its realm named Vulvatron, who is set to become the most prominently featured female member of Gwar in that band's 30-year history. Sticking with the band's long established lore, the character apparently shoots fake blood out of her giant prosthetic breasts during the band's performances. Because why wouldn't she?

Moving on, a whole bunch of locals have recently released new singles.

Among those is Oil Boom, which released a track called “The Sneak Tip” from its October 28 debut LP, Red Metal. It's the band's third color-themed release following its Black Waxy and Gold Yeller EPs. Produced by Jordan “Son of Stan” Richardson, the band appears to have dropped its Black Keys– and White Stripes-channeling ways in favor of what we're calling “The New Fort Worth Sound.” (For further examples, check out most anything in the WizardVizion catalog.) Listen to the band's new single below, ahead of its November 21 album release show at The Prophet Bar.

Then there's Dead Flowers, which will release its sophomore effort via Idol Records on October 18. Get a taste of that one below.

Meanwhile, Bludded Head debuted a new track called “Fuckitdry,” the second such obscenity-laden single title from its upcoming October 6 LP, Reign in Bludd. That album, we hear, will also feature a cover of Codein's “Pea.”

Another release to get excited about is Bedhead's fan-favorite cover of The Stranglers' “Golden Brown,” which will be released for the first time as part of that much-anticipated box set from the Dallas slowcore legends that'll be available starting November 11. You don't have to wait that long to give it a quick stream, though. Find it below.

On the other hand, a release that's probably not on your radar is the newest from Fort Worth rapper Lou Charles, who should be applauded for somehow making a late-period Red Hot Chili Peppers sample sound more than bearable on his actually pretty catchy “RiCH KiD$” single.

Later this week, you can also expect a new one from the Madras side project, Fou, which was recorded by Britt Robisheaux. Though the band's Dreamy Soundz label will celebrate that release on International Cassette Store Day, the band will be unable to perform in support of the album. Says Dreamy Soundz co-owner Robby Rux, “It's kind of sentimental release for us because Jeevan was forced to leave the country after his visa expired. So we are releasing the album while Jeevan is in Dubai. I really feel it's a great album, and I hope you enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Tyler recently tweeted out a series of updates on his upcoming effort. Tweeted Tyler in a series of updates: “Record update. Finished tracking vocals last night. Mixing coming up in a few weeks. #HolySmokes is coming. Completely independent. Got nobody looking over our shoulder pushing for the cheese. One 10 minute space jam. A couple psychedelic gospel numbers. A few solid break up tunes. Should be a doozy.”

Elsewhere, Snow tha Product will join the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Ty Dolla Sign and so many others in this year's cipher at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards, which will air on October 14.

And, finally, as part of a Dodge promotion, Motley Crue will play one of its most intimate shows in decades when it performs at the soon-to-open 2,500-capacity Gas Monkey Live on November 1. Like Centro-matic, the Crue says its current tour will also be its last.

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