It’s Official: Hodor Is Coming To Dallas, Just Not To The Door.

Update on June 29, 2016: Because what is dead may never die, it turns out the drama surrounding this party isn’t done yet. After selling out the Lizard Lounge in less than 48 hours, the show has now been moved to The Bomb Factory. All of the other details — including its Saturday, August 13, date — remain unchanged. What will happen next in this ongoing saga? Only The Seven know for sure.

Original item follows below.

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Our great regional nightmare is over: After weeks of intrigue and plot twists, we can now 100 percent confirm that Kristian Nairn, the DJ from Northern Ireland who moonlit as the gentle giant Hodor on Game of Thrones for a few years, will indeed be performing in Dallas later this year.

He just won’t be doing so at The Door — an idea that started off as a joke, then became real and then became not-real. He’ll now be performing his “Rave of Thrones” set at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday, August 13. Tickets are going for between $15 and $40 a pop, and can be purchased right here.

The show will not be promoted by epic bro Jared Gyunes, but rather by Banjos to Beats, which maybe Littlefingered the thing away from Guynes, but then again maybe didn’t.

Honestly, it’s all fairly confusing and petty at this point, and we just don’t really care any more who pulled this off or didn’t.

Point is, much like winter, Hodor is coming, and we can stop writing about this at least for a few weeks.


















































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