Exclusive Premiere: Stream Party Static’s New Single.

In just three short years, Texan dance-punk outfit Party Static has cemented itself as a preeminent live act in the Dallas concert circle. Right this second, though, the five-piece is currently on an East Coast tour to promote its latest effort, Wasted Waster, which earns its official release as part of the band’s homecoming show at the Double Wide this Saturday.

The group’s impending third EP is aligned with its previous efforts: It’s sneering, yet humorous and injected with a fast and loose disposition. One thing setting it apart from its predecessors, though, is the fact that it wasn’t recorded straight to tape. Wasted Waster was recorded at Cloudland Studios in Fort Worth as opposed to Deep Ellum, the group’s usual stomping grounds, and the place the first two efforts were laid down.

“It was a lot faster,” says co-frontwoman Laura Harrell. “It was recorded digitally, so whole process was faster. The days were faster. The turnaround was faster. It felt more like a group effort.”

The band already premiered the first song from the EP last week via Brooklyn Vegan. And ahead of this weekend’s release show, we’re pleased to premiere the darkly melodic second single, “Exposure,” a tightly composed track that showcases Party Static’s burgeoning pop side.

“Exposure” truly stands out in Party Static’s discography. While in tune with the band’s snot-nosed punk aesthetic, the track shines in its penchant for drone-y, riff-heavy sonics. The track also serves as Party Static’s lengthiest and most confident output, to date.

Opening with a burst of dissonant distortion, “Exposure” immediately draws nods to the Melvins’ low-end brand of grunge. There’s a neurotic energy bearing on the track’s atmosphere, as well, courtesy of the group’s charismatic dual vocalists.

Party Static often finds its footing in speed, balancing unbridled vigor with a whiplash pop sensibility. “Exposure,” on the other hand, is a real slow-burner, ultimately giving each musician the time to carve a sonic space. The track is also patient; containing the kind of low-end riff finesse that would fit snuggly on any given Nirvana record.

Despite “Exposure’s” slow-as-molasses momentum, there’s an enveloping, in-your-face sentiment to it. Syncopated guitar and drum interplay pushes these new sonic territories even further and shows that Party Static isn’t afraid to flex its musicianship. For proof that exploring uncharted ground is not necessarily to compromise artistic integrity, just look to Party Static.

Party Static performs on Saturday, July 23 at Double Wide as part of the Bad Bitches Ball.

















































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