We’re Bringing Migos to South Side Music Hall on May 30.

The face of hip-hop is changing. And at the forefront of that change sits a trio of young Atlanta-based rappers who throw seemingly any and all cares to the wind in favor of simple tossed-off rhymes, heavy-hitting beats and repetitive — yet undeniable — hooks.

Indeed, thanks to an almost nonstop string of hits since first bursting onto the national landscape last summer, there’s no denying it: Migos is one of the hottest entities going in the rap game.

But, aside from a strip club show that saw two-thirds of the group performing at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday night (Monday morning?) last October, the group’s yet to perform a formal show here in Dallas.

That changes now.

Today, we — along with our pals at 365 Live Entertainment, with whom we’ve previously brought RiFF RAFF and Nipsey Hussle to town — are proud to announce that we’re bringing Migos to Dallas on Friday, May 30, for a show at the South Side Music Hall. Tickets to the show are currently on sale here, with tickets going for $30 a pop.

It will be borderline out of control. It will be insanely fun. You’re going to want to be there.

We’ll see you on May 30, y’all.

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