Views From Drake and Future’s AAC Gig Last Night.

Maybe it was Future’s proclivity for time-altering substances, or misjudging the time it takes to get through Dallas traffic after the show in Austin the previous night. Regardless of the reason, the Drake and Future show at American Airlines Center started well beyond fashionably late.

But when you headline one of the few venues in town with dedicated seating, time is a luxury that artists like Drake and Future can afford, as having a place to rest one’s laurels was a sure fire way to quell the unrest of fans. Although after two hours past the projected start time, the impatience of the crowd became hard to ignore. Rumors began to surface that technical difficulties on Future’s end were the culprit behind the delay, to the point that much of the audience began to wonder if they’d get a Future Hendrix set at all.

Finally, around 9:30, OVO artists DVSN took the stage to serenade the crowd. Between original songs like the sultry track, “Too Deep,” and flips of familiar favorites by Aaliyah and Michael Jackson, the Toronto R&B singer-and-producer duo was a soothing element to the lineup.

Following the opening act, we were subject to waiting yet another 20 minutes before the main event. Then at the drop of the curtain, the entire audience arose as if it were time for the national anthem. But allegiance to our country couldn’t inspire the same type of rampant screaming as Drake arising out of the smoke.

Above all else, Drake is a showman, with levels of charisma that instantly makes his fans forget that they waited hours for him to simply appear. And as if to curry more favor with the Dallas audience, Drake sung praises to the city, claiming it as one of his favorite places in the world (move over, Houston). On a sincerer note, he took time out to acknowledge the recent tragedy that took place in Dallas, and the strength of the city as a whole.

In the midst of performing fan favorites and “Drake-dancing” across a smoky stage, perhaps the most notable moment was his shot to Joe Budden’s 2003 earworm track “Pump it Up,” adding to his list of social media feuds with less-than-relevant rappers. An hour into the set, just as the audience was convinced that the night had turned into a Drake-only show, Future finally graced the venue with his presence for a few songs in the middle of Drake’s set, finally bringing a bit of March Madness into Summer Sixteen.

From opening for Drake during his last go-around in Dallas, to closing out the night in an iPhone flashlight emblazed glory, Future brought new meaning to the phrase “it’s lit.” One even has to wonder if the prolonged delay of the show was a ploy to get fans worked up, AAC curfews be damned.

What a time to be alive.

All photos by Breanna Loose.
















































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