North Texas Bands Like Cut Throat Finches Are Pioneering 360 Music Video Technology.

From the microchip to laser tag, North Texas has had a long history with technological breakthroughs. And now it’s also leading the charge in video technologies, from virtual reality porn to interactive 360-degree music videos.

One of the first local outfits to dabble in this technology was Green River Ordinance, which you might recall, gathered around in a circle for a live acoustic take of their song “Simple” on the grounds of Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion during this year’s South By South West back in March. It was a bit lo-fi both audio and visually, but a pretty fun thing nonetheless. Spin your phone or tablet around — or click and drag for a somewhat less seamless desktop experience — and look in any direction you damn well please.

Now, recent Hand Drawn Records signees Cut Throat Finches have taken the concept a step farther. The Fort Worth outfit, which features familiar local faces like Jacob Martinez, Eric Webb, Draya Ruse and Deep Blue Something/Shadows of Jets guitarist Taylor Tatsch (who also produced the outfit’s recently released debut LP), paired up with area production company Neptune Immersive to try out a brand new method of filming 360 videos that the company had been developing.

“It is making universal content for VR and standard playback devices,” says Neptune’s founder Logan Gilpin about what makes his technology so different. “You can still enjoy the video in 2D but the VR version will be available. For example, Taylor Swift had to create two productions for her music video; one in 2D, and the other in VR. We will only have to shoot once and have two products in the end.”

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The result was the interactive clip for “Boundaries,” which made its debut online last Friday. Check it out:

The concept for the video is a little basic, sure. But, as with many new technologies, sometimes the gimmick itself is the awe-inspiring part. And as the equipment that allows folks to create 360 videos like these only becomes of higher quality and cheaper cost, it’s only a matter of time before bands all around North Texas really start exploring the creative boundaries and really pushing the limits of what these types of videos can do.

“The system we are using is smaller and less expensive than many standard configurations today, and yet it gives our clients an even more ‘High Definition’ experience than competitors,” Gilpin says. “By utilizing modified cameras in a stereoscopic array, Neptune Immersive is able to produce approximately 6K per eye (even outpacing the highly-touted 4K definition)!”

Still curious as to what he’s talking about? It’s explained a little better in this behind-the-scenes video.


















































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