We Instant Messaged With Mark Schectman About His New Local Music Show On The Ticket.

Yesterday, the news broke that Mark Schectman will be getting his own local music-centric show on KTCK 1310-AM/96.7-FM The Ticket on Sunday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. starting March 22.

Obviously, this is cool news for a few reasons.

First of all, there’s Schectman himself. He was the host of the all-local Sunday night show “The Local Edge” on KDGE 102.1-FM The Edge from 2009 until April of last year when the station unceremoniously pulled the plug on that show. Still, that wasn’t the end of Schectman’s run at The Edge; he stayed on as the host of “The Adventure Club” and of various other shows. His last day at The Edge didn’t come until just recently — February 12, to be exact — when Schectman announced that he was leaving station to pursue other endeavors. Yesterday’s news, of course, puts the specifics of those endeavors (or at least some of them) into focus.

Another reason this is rad: Despite its obvious sport inclinations, The Ticket, as a station, has always been a big support of music in general, but also locally. Various on-air hosts are active in the music scene through bands of their own, producers seem to make a point of things to include local songs in their commercial bumpers and even the marketing department seems fairly intent on pulling from the local talent wells when it comes to booking performers for its events. Then, of course, there’s Robert Wilonksy’s annual Christmas Eve music extravaganza and his erstwhile “Till Two” show in which the station put music front and center on its airwaves. Still: Hiring Schectman is an impressive step forward in the station’s all-out — and, let’s be real, somewhat unnecessary albeit appreciated — commitment to music.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the hire. But I also realize I’m rather biased here. I was a guest on “The Local Edge” at least a few times. And back when I was at the Observer, I recruited Schectman to become a contributor to the paper’s music section. Also, beyond that, we’re just buds.

So rather than avoid the story altogether due to my lack of objectivity — which wouldn’t be fair to the story, as this is a big deal — we decided to go the other route with our coverage and just share the instant message conversation I had with Mark after hearing the news. In it, we talk about what music he’s feeling these days, all sorts of Ticket shtick and, among other things, his second-favorite Old 97’s album.

Pete: hey, congrats on the gig! you deserve it. is this why you left the edge or is this just a happy coincident?
Mark: Thanks man. I appreciate you. Something I’ve been working on for a minute. But the timing just worked out perfectly.
Pete: well, you know where to find me when you need a guest
Mark: srsly. need to get you on the sked. our shows were always highly rated.
Pete: like you even tracked that
Mark: but it’s a nice thought tho
Pete: and tbh i bet they were
Mark: but above all, they were fun. and i like fun.
Pete: this can’t be your only gig though is it? what’s next in that regard?
Mark: no it’s not. i’m still freelance writing, and doing weekends/fill in at Westwood One radio network. but if this goes well….
Pete: orly?
Mark: man, once you’re in the building (at any radio station), anything is possible (kevin garnett voice). gonna take time and a lot of work.
Pete: that’s one half of a george harrison reference right there
Mark: it sure is. intentional?
Pete: you wish
Mark: lol
Pete: here‘s your new fave local hip-hop album, btw. make sure you start at track 1, though. the bandcamp auto-starts at track 2 for whatever reason
Mark: any idea if they’re clean? (the songs not the people)
Pete: some of the songs are, i’m p sure
Mark: cool
Pete: but i really don’t pay attention to that. they’re prob not, actually. BUT MUSIC IS ABOUT MORE THAN FINDING STUFF TO PLAY AT YOUR JOB MARK
Mark: hahahahahaha good point
Pete: but can you now play more than just rock? there isn’t a format on sports stations. or is there?
Mark: i can. and i always could/did on occasion. i remember debuting an A.Dd+ track. i will def be playing more of a variety. if it’s good.
Pete: and you start march 22? here’s the big question: live or taped?
Mark: yes! 3/22. live. super live. so live and so local. like, “let’s take some calls” live.
Pete: oh rad!
Mark: yeah. i’ll be an e-brake winner before you know it
Pete: ha, right. also, let’s publish this whole conversation on central track.
Mark: lol. can i pick and choose what’s published?
Pete: do you need to? what have you said wrong so far? it reads exactly like a real interview with us would read
Mark: good point.
Pete: ok since this is a real interview now, a real question. this isn’t the same audience as the local edge, necessarily, so to inform these new listeners (and because people will want to know anyway): what local music are you digging these days?
Mark: i love the direction Sealion is moving in.
Pete: ok, but everyone loves sealion.
Mark: and they should! also a fan of the stuff Olympic Dreams Records has been putting out. Dripping Wet, Layer Cake (who broke up), etc. and i’m fully on the Leon Bridges bandwagon. The Birds of Night are about to release a real good record produced by McKenzie at Redwood.
Pete: hey, i like all those bands! who WON’T we hear on the local ticket?
Mark: Linkin Park
Pete: that’s what i get for trying to draw you offsides, i guess. ok, you wanna do lightning round?
Mark: sure. let’s do this
Pete: best toadies song not called possum kingdom or tyler
Mark: No Deliverance
Pete: second favorite old 97s record
Mark: Most Messed Up (real talk)
Pete: name every current john dufilho project
Mark: fuuuuuuuuuuuu
Pete: (hint: there are five)
Mark: Deathray Davies, John Singer Sargent… drawing a blank.
Pete: haha, it’s a tough question! we were also looking for cantina, cliffs of insanity and apples in stereo.
Mark: can’t believe i forgot apples in stereo…
Pete: it’s ok. back to the lightning! do you like true widow?
Mark: of course
Pete: name two denton bands andrew savage was in before parquet courts.
Mark: Teenage Cool Kids and Fergus and Geronimo.
Pete: ha. this all of a sudden became less of a taste thing and more of a knowledge quiz and i apologize for that.
Mark don’t apologize. this is a good bit
Pete: best band going in fort worth right now?
Mark: Son of Stan. But QCNH will have something to say about that real soon. And don’t you dare sleep on War Party.
Pete: best denton music festival?
Mark: 35 Denton. it’s my favorite.
Pete: ishi?
Mark: i will always support them……and i miss taylor……
Pete: can you name a member of brain gang not named blue or sam lao?
Mark: sadly, no. but i wish both had radio edits of their jams.
Pete: ha, that’s a good response. have you been to a power trip show and if not is it because you’re scared?
Mark: i have not. and yes, i don’t like violence/physical contact.
Pete: are you going to keep doing the found sound thing at gas monkey?
Mark: i’m sure it will evolve in some way. i certainly hope so. love that place and the people that work there.
Pete: how tight are your sports pants right now?
Mark: haven’t been this tight since the 2011 nba finals.
Pete: do you like your gig?
Mark: i’m not sure i understand the question
Pete: do you like web sites?
Mark: i’m all in
Pete: to what is the “it” in the “stick-it-up-your-tailpipe traffic report” referring?
Mark: i’ve always wondered that. i’d say it’s a response to a honk or middle finger or somesuch
Pete: which hardline host has the best taste in music?
Mark: that’s a tough one. i’d say mike. but corby’s taste probably aligns more with me (minus the jam band stuff). and i love the music that danny makes
Pete: you’re such a politician
Mark: i speak truths, pete
Pete: in our rankings of on-air ticket personalities, would you fall above or below dave lane?
Mark: below, for sure. i’ve got a lot to prove
Pete: what’s the latest you’ve stayed up listening to the wilonsky xmas special?
Mark: i’m usually good for a few quarter hours
Pete: i don’t know what that means
Mark radio ratings speak
Pete: nobody likes a braggart, mark. have you ever been to jub jam?
Mark:i have not. but that’s about to change.
Pete: ok, last question
Mark: ok
Pete: you mentioned taking live calls earlier. do you honestly expect people to call and not just do ticket shtick?
Mark: there’s no question that it’ll be mostly shtick. i wouldn’t have it any other way
Pete: well, thanks for indulging me in this, pal. i really do wish you the best of luck
Mark: thanks man. i appreciate everything you do. but i wish i would have said “I come from the water” on that toadies question.
Pete: that’s the tough part of lightning round
Mark: it will eat you alive

“The Local Ticket” premieres on Sunday, March 22, at 8 p.m.

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