Corinne Bailey Rae Received The Warmest Of Welcomes In Her Return To Dallas On Friday Night.

On Friday night, Corinne Bailey Rae made her way to Dallas as part of what’s arguably been the most refreshing tour of her career.

A little background: The decade that has passed since the release of Rae’s first single, “Like A Star,” wasn’t exactly an easy one for the neo-soul singer-songwriter. Following the devastating loss of her first husband in 2008 due to an accidental overdose, Rae took hiatus from music and struggled with her creative process, telling Billboard that “when you’re in the studio, the label is just waiting for you to lay a golden egg” and that “her music just doesn’t come out well when there is pressure like that.” After six years of tinkering, though, Rae was finally able to complete her latest project, The Heart Speaks in Whispers, an album that oozes with rebirth and serene happiness.

And, during last night’s stop in Dallas to promote this new release, Rae seemed to revel in those same ideals, performing a set that centered around themes of change, growth, and finding love again. In front of a venue filled with an extremely diverse crowd of fans, that message resonated, too: Throughout the set, which touched on songs from throughout Rae’s catalog, fans swayed back and forth with friends, lovers and family to her sweet melodies, which filled the room with soulful, loving energy.

In a night filled with considerable charms, the night’s highlight arrived in the form of Rae covering Bob Marley’s “Is This Love,” which spurred the audience into a soft and tender singalong, with some in the room even shedding tears.

In all, Friday’s show was a beautiful and warm welcome back for Rae — and one that Rae, wearing a smile all night long, seemed to truly appreciate.

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