New Music From Daniel Hart, Luwum, Bad Sports and More.

Welcome to Songs of the Week, where we hip you to all the new local releases you should be caring about. By putting them all together here in one place, our hope is that you can spend less time searching for relevant new releases and more time giving each one of these jams the proper shine they so deserve. OK? OK.

Pete’s Dragon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
RIYL: Secrets that are too big to keep.
What else you should know: Since scoring David Lowery’s breakout film, 2012’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Dark Rooms frontman Daniel Hart has been a go-to composer for the Dallas-based director. That includes this new big-budget Disney flick, which hit wide release today and is pretty doggone good too, turns out. The soundtrack also earned its release today, so you don’t have to wait to hear a bunch of new cinematic instrumentals from Hart. You can catch a little behind-the-scenes action from the recording process, too, right here. Oh, and lest we forget, Bosque Brown and St. Vincent tracks on there as well, not to mention another penned by Andrew Tinker.

The Lumineers — “Nobody Knows.”
RIYL: Yelling, “Hey!”
What else you should know: Speaking of that Andrew Tinker song from the Pete’s Dragon soundtrack, this is it. It’s just performed by The Lumineers, is all. The song was co-written by Toby Halbrooks, who also co-wrote the film’s screenplay. Like Hart, Tinker also had a song in Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. Just to tie it all back together, Hart, Tinker and Halbrooks all used to play in The Polyphonic Spree.

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein — Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack).
RIYL: Stephen King and chill.
What else you should know: These two Dallas dudes not only made the Stranger Things theme song, but scored the entire series. And due to overwhelming demand, Netflix released the first volume of said score today. “We discussed having a classic tone and feel to the music for the show but being reserved enough that it wasn’t ’80s cheese, while offering a refreshing quality so that felt modern,” Stein said in a press release. “This was one of the qualities that drew them to our music in the first place. Having a familiarity with classic synths worked, but with an overall forward thinking approach.” Look for Vol. 2 on August 19. That’s a week from today!

Slugger Music Group — Faith Series.
RIYL: Coming on over and seeing me sometime.
What else you should know: It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Senor Fin, but those boys are still around. They recently played a show up in Seattle, and are even said to be in the mixing stages of a new record. In the meantime, all its members up to side project things. Jesse Botello, for instance, plays in Sundae Crush, which is also finishing up an EP. And Ronan Delisle just put out the above batch of instrumental tunes he recorded at Echo Lab a while back. It might as well be for a soundtrack, too. This jazzy stuff could easily score a film about a ’50s private dick.

LUWUM — Think Tank.
RIYL: Partying in the USA.
What else you should know: Speaking of Senor Fin side projects, our favorite is probably Jesse Miller’s LUWUM. He just put out his third album a couple weeks ago, via William Austin Clay’s new United Worker’s Party, USA label. Says Miller: “The album features thirteen songs written and recorded over the past two years, covering fun topics such as media fear, laziness, lost love, free love, androgynous love, my relationship to music/ego, Japanese film and self-respect.”

Bad Sports — Living With Secrets.
RIYL: Sore losers.
What else you should know: As we mentioned in this week’s White Noise column, ex-pat Denton punks Bad Sports have a 12-inch out today. Originally conceived as three separate singles, this seven-track release finds the band at its darkest and weirdest, says its Dirtnap label — and catchier than ever, too. Sounds like old fashioned Bad Sports to us. It’s all streaming above.

Creepeth — Creep Feed.
RIYL: Peepin’ and creepin’ and creepin’.
What else you should know: Similarly punky and catchy is your first taste of Creepeth’s blown-out cock rock. In the coming days, it and three others will be released on one side of a clear 12-inch, with a graphic on the other.

Parquet Courts — “Performing Human” (Eaters Mix).
RIYL: The remix.
What else you should know: Another 12-inch out in the coming days comes from Parquet Courts. The disc will include an alternate studio version of “Human Performance,” as well as remixes by Eaters and Chris P of Future Punx. It’s out August 19, but you can go ahead and check out the Eaters mix above.

Mink Coats — Cashed Hits.
RIYL: Apathetic, pseudo-apocalyptic power pop.
What else you should know: You know whose local music coverage has been especially on point of late? The Dentonite‘s. They’ve been killing it over there, even more so since their recent relaunch. They deserve a bookmark or add to your favorites bar or whatever. Anyway, that’s where we heard about Mink Coats’ new members and new EP, anyway, just so you know.

Curtis Mayz — “Candy Coated Caddy” & “Usually.”
RIYL: All things Dallas.
What else you should know: In honor of #DallasWeek, which is going on now, Mayz dropped a couple more singles from his Real.Life.Raps. album, which comes out next month. Says Mayz: “[It’s] #DallasWeek, where we take time to celebrate the arts and our beloved, yet overlooked music scene. It was started last year by one of the city’s OGs, Nasagang PAT. So I felt compelled to release a couple joints from the upcoming project in light of that. I also wanted to give people something to jam as we get ready to close out the summer — Grade A feel good music.”

Cover image by Jeremy Hughes.
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