New Music From Cozy Hawks, Siberian Traps, Andy Pickett And More.

Welcome to Songs of the Week, where we hip you to all the new local releases you should be caring about. By putting them all together here in one place, our hope is that you can spend less time searching for relevant new releases and more time giving each one of these jams the proper shine they so deserve. OK? OK.

Cozy Hawks — “True Pair.”
RIYL: Carpool sing-alongs.
What else you should know: For the third straight album in a row, the Denton power pop trio kicks things off with a sugary, instantly likable bit of rock that's nearly impossible to resist singing along to. The album earns its release as part of a free show at Harvest House this Saturday, June 11. Siamese, Claire Morales and Mother Tongues will join them.

Cut Throat Finches — Reality.
RIYL: Early adopting.
What else you should know: Earlier this week, the Sean Russell-fronted group released its first vinyl LP since signing with Hand Drawn Records. The vinyl-only release is also streaming on Spotify, as you can tell from above. They also kick everyone's asses at music videos. As far as I know, their clip for the single “Virtual Reality,” which was released yesterday, is the first local video to employ 360 technology, allowing you to move the camera all over the place just based on the direction your phone is pointed. Pretty neat!

Blake Fades — “Ghost.”
RIYL: Riff Raff, but hate jokes.
What else you should know: This song is aight. It comes from the Ardmore, Oklahoma native's SWIMTAPE album, which is available on iTunes, Soundcloud and all the other places you'd think. It references the Damn Daniel meme, a collection of Snapchat videos that went popular on Vine. This song is very 2016.

Silas Nello — “Tell Me What I Need.”
RIYL: Duetting in ways that make you feel good.
What else you should know: Nello is currently recording a full-length over at Modern Electric. In the meantime, he's recorded a couple of duets with fellow local modern folker Jenna Clark. This is one of them. They're like a poor man's Jonathan Tyler and Nikki Lane. Come to think of it, those two are recording at Modern Electric, too. Small world!

Siberian Traps — “Lights Keep Blinking.”
RIYL: The Fort Worth sound.
What else you should know: Whereas the first single from the new Siberian Traps full-length made it seem like the band was going to dive whole hog into the Jordan Richardson-spearheaded Fort Worth sound, its followup shows the band hasn't entirely lost its former twangy charm. It's for the better. The full LP, meanwhile, comes out on June 17, celebrated with a show at Shipping and Receiving.

Nicholas Altobelli — “Exit Polls.”
RIYL: Posting snaps with your “I Voted” stickers.
What else you should know: Finally, a song from Altobelli that lives up to the pedigree of the musicians that played on the thing! Working once again with some of the usual suspects (Don Henley guitarist Chris Holt, Apples in Stereo drummer John Dufilho, and local studio ace Salim Nourallah), this adorable bit of patriotic pop actually ain't bad at all.

Acid Carousel — America's Newest Hitmakers.
RIYL: Raiding your parents' closet.
What else you should know: Written by John Kuzmick and backed by his fellow Moon Waves bandmates, this batch of '60s-mining psych-pop is even more dad-friendly than the band's slightly trippier, '70s-mining main project. That's not a put-down. There's no reason you can't find some common ground here.

Dreamy Life Records' Group Therapy Vol. 3.
RIYL: Voting in the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards.
What else you should know: For the third time in the last few years, pretty much all of Fort Worth's coolest and “most consequential” bands turned in new tracks for this essential 817 comp. Find new stuff here from VVOES, The Cush, War Party, The Fibs, Andy Pickett, Thyroids and more — some 22 in all.

Uptown Goths — “Funk Data Systems.”.
RIYL: The deep web.
What else you should know: The newest original music project from DJ Redsean, who has previously plied his craft under the Sydney Confirm, CRUSSIA and Ghost Image monikers, boasts, if nothing else, the best name he's come up with yet. But there's more at play here, too, as Uptown Goths blends dark electronic beats with a pretty funky groove and edgy vocal samples. If I knew how to code, I bet I would code to this.

Cover image via Cozy Hawks' Facebook page.

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