Graham Malice And Dino Noir Have Figured Out The Formula And Now They’re Just Building Upon It In This Latest Collaborative Track.

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Graham Malice ft. Dino Noir – Fold
RIYL: Drake type beat.
What Else You Should Know: Without drawing comparisons, this sounds like an unreleased Drake track. No, no trust us, it’s a very good thing!

From the punchy opening verse cadence from Graham Malice to Dino Noir’s fast-paced and confident follow up verse, this song sounds like something out of the 6 God universe. Don’t take it the wrong way —  drawing comparisons to a globally recognized and established artist isn’t an insult at all. In fact, Graham Malice intended to create an accessible track that sounded ready-for-radio, anyway.

“For this song, I think we just wanted it to be easily digestible for a rap audience,” says Malice. “We had a lot of fun with it but I hope it encourages listeners to explore our music more.”

Capshun’s production helps establish that awareness. The song is unique in its own right with the careful layering of the synths but familiar-sounding enough with the classic drum patterns and placement that you could sneak this track on in a mix and it would just do just fine. In fact, you might get someone asking, “who is this?”

Well, it’s about time y’all get familiar. After all, Capshun and Graham Malice have already established a repertoire together and it’s worth paying attention to.

“Capshun and I have been working together forever so when it comes to production we have a very easy back and forth,” continues Malice. “Dino fits right in it honestly. As far as content goes, “Fold” is really about finding a team, having a goal and staying solid. A lot of the time we find people are distracted by money or their ego gets in the way. Protecting your energy and staying humble is the best means to success in my opinion.”

No kidding. Graham Malice already sounds like a pro and his content only matches up with his clearly established moral grounds. Every man must have a code, after all.

When we asked if he and Dino Noir planned on any more dual projects for the future, Malice is hopeful.

“We’ve definitely talked about it. I think it’ll come. When we get together the music is the easy part, we get caught up talking about life and philosophy more than anything!”

Well, whatever gets their gears turning is clearly working. While the boys tinker away at the lab, we’ll anxiously await their future projects both collaboratively and independently.

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