This Deceptively Warm Single From The Legendary Country Group’s Latest LP Will Have You Two-Stepping With A Tear In Your Eye.

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Eleven Hundred Springs – “This Morning It Was Too Late”
RIYL: If the crying girl from that TikTok video was two-stepping instead.
What Else You Should Know: In a statement to Americana Highways, Eleven Hundred Springs vocalist and guitarist Matt Hillyer described the single “This Morning It Was Too Late” as an “homage to some of our favorite danceable country songs that we grew up with.”

“We’ve always loved those songs that instantly pack the dance floor, and that is what we hope for this song.”

It is, indeed, a two-step-worthy song, right down to the steady tempo and the warm fiddle and steel guitar instrumentals. And while it meets all the earmarks of a neo-traditional country dance floor anthem, the visual of two-stepping to a song about the love of your life leaving you without an iota of hesitation is a rather strange one.

Still, the song’s tone and demeanor are so deceptively wholesome that the heart-breaking subject matter barely even matters. In fact, if any DJ out there wants to take one for the team and play this song next time they work a wedding or a prom, just play it and report back on the number of couples that dance to lyrics like “I never saw it coming/Thought I had one more chance to make it right/But this morning it was too late/She moved on like she didn’t have another minute left to wait.”

Or, y’know, just report back on the number of single people that wallow in pity, because the song is good for that, too.

Cover photo courtesy of Eleven Hundred Springs.

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