Watch As Two Women Go Nuts, Racist After Getting Kicked Out of The Kessler For Talking During A Show

There’s a certain etiquette that comes with attending a concert. First of all, respect the people around you. Second, be respectful of the venue and artist on stage. And, well… y’know, that’s really it. It’s not that difficult. Because implied in those first two rules is this one, too: When the artist is being quiet on stage, be quiet out in the crowd.

Seems a pair of women who were attending the first of country star Lee Ann Womack’s two back-to-back nights of shows at Oak Cliff’s The Kessler Theater last week never got the above memo. On Wednesday night, these women just kept chatting right away in the venue room, speaking over Womack’s set, much to the chagrin of their fellow, nearby show attendees who complained about the chatter to venue management. In turn, with the show nearing its end, the venue’s staff asked that the women head home from the show a little early.

Of course, that’s when things got really crazy.

Out on the venue’s front patio, the removed attendees launched into a tirade lambasting the Kessler’s Oak Cliff neighborhood while blaming the supposed sexual preferences of the complainers for the initial incident and claiming that they — the women removed — were being victimized because of the color of their skin.


Sometimes people talk too loud during shows and we have to remove them from the room. This was one of those times.Posted by Jeffrey Liles on Saturday, May 9, 2015


Pretty nasty stuff — especially around the two-minute mark when race gets brought up, wholly unprovoked.

We asked Kessler artistic director Jeffrey Liles, who filmed the video and can be seen in it, to give us a little more background on what went down.

“The two women in the tape made made numerous comments that [were] disrespectful to the LGBT community, and the people sitting at the table nearby were seriously offended,” he says. “So we escorted these two women out of the room. I only started rolling video after the one in the boots slammed the front doors of the building — twice — so loud that you could hear it all the way in the back [of the venue]. I wasn’t looking for a ‘gotcha’ moment, I was just trying to keep her from damaging the outside of the building.”

Even then, Liles says he was only inspired to post the video once one of the women in the video took to Yelp to complain about the venue.

Liles’ video, meanwhile, is gaining some serious traction. At the time of this writing, it’s been shared on Facebook more than 1,400 times, accumulating more than 112,000 views on the process. The video’s even become something of a meme, with nearby pizza joint Zoli’s using its own marquee to poke fun at the women in the Sunday-posted clip.

Liles, for his part, isn’t looking to dog pile on the matter any further.

“She is welcome to return to The Kessler whenever she likes,” he says, “as long as she respects the etiquette that our audience expects during the quieter shows.”

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