Our Lord And Savior St. Vincent Just Got Her Own Signature Model Guitar.

St. Vincent, née Annie Clark, is an absolute magician on the guitar. The type of riffs she comes up with are works of genius.

So it’s about time she were honored in a big way.

Ernie Ball Music Man and St. Vincent have joined forces to conjure up her own signature model guitar, which is available in black and “Vincent Blue.” The guitar is currently available for pre-order at the steep price of $1,899 and will ship in early 2016.

“I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to design a guitar this personal with this company, this family, in whom I believe so completely,” said Clark in a press release. “The entirety of my experience as a guitarist is invested in this instrument. I sought to create a tool that would help and inspire those who share my priorities in a guitar, namely that it be comfortable and lightweight and that it exhibit clean lines, all without sacrificing tone flexibility.”

If you’re waiting for a debut of the guitar, well, it already happened. On Tuesday, Clark performed with Taylor Swift and Beck at the Staples Center, ax in hand.

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