Check Out The Debut Track From Sober and Picnictyme’s New Booty Fade Project.

First time we heard that DJ Sober and Picnictyme — A.Dd+’s DJ and producer, respectively, although each of these local stalwarts boasts a resume far longer than just that, as you should no doubt know by now — were working together on a new project, we were pretty stoked to hear what was to come from it. Later, when we found out that project’s name — Booty Fade — our excitement only grew. Today, when we found out that their first leaked song was to be called “F#$k Like a Stripper,” we just about fell over in our chairs.

Why? Well, for starters, because that kind of branding is pretty on point for what one should expect from a collaboration between these two. Anyone who’s ever checked out one of Sober’s weekly, Thursday night Big Bang! parties at Beauty Bar, watched Picnic hop on the mic as Sober’ impromptu hype man and then seen the subsequent X-rated grinding that goes on across that spot’s dancefloor should know what we mean by that.

The good news: “F#$k Like A Stripper,” which debuted online just moments ago, very much fits that expected bill, combining Picnic’s good-time production values with Sober’s impeccable knack for primo cuts and drops (here, that means a late-in-the-song, out-of-nowhere and yet somehow amazing sample of fellow locals Treal Lee & Prince Rick’s “Throwed Off”). It’s a short song — it’s only 2:39 long — but it gets the point across quite well.

In other words: It’s pretty safe to say we can expect some jamming cuts from these two as this project continues to flesh itself out.

Check out “F#$k Like a Stripper” below.

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