This Week, Leon Bridges Got Our Vote.

Each week, we take a survey of the local music scene and try to determine which acts in town are really putting in work and seeing it pay off. Which bands have the most intriguing shows coming up? Which bands are getting the most press around town? Which bands have accomplished the most notable feats of late? Based off these criteria, our music writers submit a list to be weighted and compiled into a master list revealed each week in this here space. We like to think it’s fairly revealing. Check out our previous Buzz Rankings here.

While there’s no more surefire way to start up a disagreement than to bring up the upcoming election, a person we can pretty much all get behind is Leon Bridges.

His latest record was pretty cool, right? See, no arguments there.

Even the outgoing POTUS agrees with that fact — so much so that President Obama went ahead and made Bridges the commander in chief of his summer playlist.

That’s enough to make Leon our vote for the buzzing-est act in town for the week. It marks his 22nd time atop our weekly, local music power rankings, too.

Closer to home, Norah Jones and the Dixie Chicks earned most of the local press’ love this week — the former for releasing a new single and announcing a hometown show at Denton’s Oaktopia fest this fall, and the latter for putting on an amazing display at Gexa last weekend.

On a similar grand note, Daniel Hart’s music will be heard nationwide this weekend when that Pete’s Dragon remake that he scored hits wide release. Andrew Tinker wrote a song for the soundtrack, too, though it’s performed by the Lumineers. On a similar note, Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon’s Stranger Things soundtrack comes out tomorrow, too.

On the live front: The World Famous Tony Williams has a pretty killer new event/showcase he’s kicking off this weekend at RBC; 88 Killa celebrated the release of his new EP at Spinster; and Drakulas, Sealion and Party Static tore up Three Links in remarkable fashion last weekend.

(Also receiving votes: Miranda Lambert, Koolquise, War Party, Fishboy, Rodney Parker, The Texas Gentlemen, Drakulas, DJ Sober, Natural Anthem, Bella Carmichael, Blue, The Misfit, Dead Vinyl, Castro, Lizzie Boredom, Brandon Marcel, Nick Pratt, Sunbuzzed, Bitch Bricks, Tawaine Hall, Jason Burt, Field Guide, RTB2, Claire Morales, Ghoulfive, Pseudo Future, VVOES, Loafers, Birds of Night.)

Cover photo by Kathy Tran.
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