The Official Central Track Staff List.

As we sit on the precipice of yet another new year, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic for the year that was.

This is especially true after pouring over dozens of year-end trend pieces and reminiscing about the year of swag, Doritios locos tacos, #YOLO, zombies, bath salts, Honey Boo Boo and all sriracha everything.

Locally, of course, 2012 will be the year Dallas started enjoying the great outdoors. Really: Between the opening of Klyde Warren Park, the addition of ping pong tables outside the AT&T Performing Arts Center, all those bike lanes, the opening of Belo Garden Park, the opening of “Beach Ellum” and the increased number of outdoor music festivals this year, our city looks to be turning a corner in that regard.

Of course, the influx of great local music in 2012 might have had something to do with surplus of local festivals at least.

Seriously: In the course of looking back at our favorite local releases of the year, we realized that so many of the bands that are killing it right now didn’t even exist a year ago.

That being said, we can’t wait to see what is in store for 2013.

You may remember earlier this month when we released both our national and local albums of the year lists. Today, on this last day of 2012, we’d like to add our ranking of the year’s 50 best local songs, too.

Because, honestly, these songs deserve it. — Cory Graves

50: Daniel Markham — “Hexagons”
49: My Name is Moses — “Summertime”
48: Satans of Soft Rock — “Satanic Verses”
47: Doom Ghost — “These Old Shoes”
46: Hate Your Friends — “Bringing Down The Center House (Ft. Queen Latifah)”
45: Savage and the Big Beat — “Pretend I’m Someone Else”
44: War Party — “Different Definition of Love”
43: The Roomsounds — “Barn Burner”
42: Sealion — “Vails”
41: Birds of Night — “Bite”
40: Bad Design — “Stained Glass”
39: Bethan — “Vague”
38: Oil Boom — “The Great American Shakedown”
37: Spookeasy — “We Don’t Sleep in the Night”
36: Nervous Curtains — “Wired to Make Waves”
35: -topic — “150 Exp(Smart Shit)”
34: The Longshots — “Me or California”
33: Pageantry — “Friends of the Year”
32: Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers — “Brakeman”
31: Daniel Hart — “Van Gogh Sher Gil”
30: Will Johnson — “Scorpion”
29: Blake Panter — “2×4”
28: Son of Stan — “Corsica”
27: Leon the Professional — “Hit ’em in the Head”
26: Neo Safari — “Coastal Cruise”
25: Ronnie Heart — “Tasty Destination”
24: Team Tomb — “Skin and Teeth”
23: Somebody’s Darling — “Cold Hands”
22: Quaker City Night Hawks — “Lavanderia”
21: Snow tha Product — “Hola”
20: Cozy Hawks — “Water Wings”
19: Pinkish Black — “Tell Her I’m Dead”
18: The Colurs — “Where We Belong”
17: Sarah Jaffe — “Talk”
16: John Singer Sergeant w/ Sir Earl Toon — “Dizzy Joy”
15: Toadies w/ The Honeybears — “Rattler’s Revenge”
14: Blackstone Rangers — “Sheen Machine”
13: A.Dd+ – “Suitcases”
12: RTB2 — “Wire to the Walls”
11: Sundress — “California Dames”
10: Ynfynyt Scroll — “Butch Queen”
9: Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique — “Death You’re So Cold”
8: Sarah Jaffe — “Glorified High”
7: Crussia — “White Gurls”
6: A.Dd+ – “Shit Got Crazy”
5: Analog Rebellion — “Nothing is Wrong”
4: Skeleton Coast — “Young”
3: Brain Gang Blue — “Party On Remix”
2: Mind Spiders — “Wait For Us”
1: The Colurs — “Easy to Love”

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