Yes, Machine Gun Kelly Got A Blow Job From Porn Star Rachel Starr At The Monroe This Weekend.

This news is already out here, but there’s just no way we can ignore it: Yes, Cleveland-based rapper Machine Gun Kelly was in Dallas this weekend for a brief stop at the newly opened Knox-Henderson spot The Monroe, and, yes, he did receive oral sex from the Dallas-dwelling porn star Rachel Starr as he performed at the old Wish space — because apparently rappers getting blow jobs mid-set is a thing now.

Apparently, this is nothing new for the twosome, though, as they’ve got a little bit of a past together.

But it is, we imagine, something new for The Monroe’s owner, former Cowboy Remi Ayodele. We’ve put a call Ayodele for comment on the situation to check that. We’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

In the meantime: Kinda gross, right?

Anyway, you can watch a shot-from-behind video of the whole ordeal below, if you’re up for it. Don’t worry — it’s fairly safe for work, or at least as safe as bobbing heads and boxer shorts go.

Update: The video has since been taken down.

(Hat tip.)

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