Back With A Proportionate Two-Sided Single, Tony Ferraro’s New Folk-Rock Track Has Us Seeing The Light. And Flipping A Coin.

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Tony Ferraro — “There is a Light”
RIYL: Seeing an inspirational sign and acting on the wisdom.
What Else You Should Know: Denton’s Tony Ferraro has a new two-song single out, and because both tracks are quite satiating, we flipped a coin and decided to feature “There Is a Light.”

Ferraro is well known around here with his folk-rock elements across a number of releases. Drafting Justin Collins to help with production, drumming and some of the vocals, along with Grady Sandlin for additional drumming and Ryan Becker on keys, Ferraro fills in the rest of the gaps. Partially recorded at the Echo Lab, the lively, bouncy sounds known from the Denton studio are heard in full effect here.

Lyrically, the song has a retrospective quality. Realizing things in the past were not as bad when looking back, the lyrics sound like a renewed focus on the moment and enjoyment of the present. “Everywhere there is a light coming through / There is a light about you” Ferraro croons with a sense of  joy. This, factored with a new found love gives life more perspective, but it’s not cheesy, cliche kind.

Musically, think of “There is a Light” in the vein of Wilco’s The Album and Ode to Joy for a starting point — lots of open-strummed acoustic guitars, keyboard flourishes and simplified drumming. With Ferraro’s infectious melodies, it’s a great little ditty.

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