For Those Affected By Gov. Abbott’s Order, Here Are Texas-Based Organizations For Transgender Individuals You Can Support And/Or Turn To.

If instigating a witch hunt for women seeking abortions wasn’t inhumane enough, Governor Greg Abbott has sent a letter to the Department of Family and Protective Services ordering health care professionals and anyone else who works with youth to report the parents of minors receiving gender-affirming medical care to be investigated for child abuse. For a party that is anti-big government, Abbott sure does love wedging himself between Texans and their doctors.

The letter — in which Abbott warns anyone who fails to report the “child abuse” is subject to criminal penalties — is down below.

Abbott is backing an opinion released Monday by Attorney General Ken Paxton that puberty blockers, hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgeries and any other medical procedure for transgender youth are considered child abuse under Texas Family Code 261.001 (1)(a)-(d), putting kids at risk of being forced into the already over-crowded foster care system.

Friendly reminder that the primary elections are on March 1 and the general elections are on Nov. 8.

In this transphobic, divisive and unsure time, here are organizations that can educate and support. Consider donating if you can.

TX Trans Kids
A collection of resources for k-12 trans youth including a toolkit for protecting LGBTQIA+ students’ rights, hotlines, mental health resources and a list of Texas-based organizations.

U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights
Includes resources from the Department of Education, the White House and Federal Agencies. There is also a link to file a complaint with the OCR for students who have faced discrimination at school.

DFW Trans Kids and Families
A networking organization for parents of trans youth. Offers counseling resources.

Equality Texas
Advocating for equality in all areas of the law through political action and community organizing.

National Center For Transgender Equality
A collection of information on trans issues, rights and self-help.

Transgender Education Network of Texas
Hosts an emergency relief fund.

PFLAG Dallas
Dallas-based organization that supports LGBTQ+ youth and their families.

Psychology Today
Can connect you or a loved one to Dallas-based therapists who specialize in trans individuals.

North Texas Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Offers support to North Texas-specific members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Lambada Legal
Nonprofit organization that offers legal protection for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families.

Prism Health North Texas
Medical resources for LGBTQ+ individuals, including transgender primary care, telehealth, financial assistance and more.

Trans Pride Initiative
In addition to educational resources, this organization has information on committees and projects that help trans individuals. Has healthcare, housing, employment, education and public accommodation support.

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