Dallas Trap Rapper TokinPotent’s Introductory Track Serves As A Gateway Into The Mind Of The Modern Creative Entrepreneur.

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TokinPotent – “On My Way To Hell”
RIYL: Gwapgang, Braindead, Mac Miller and Focus V products. 
What Else You Should Know: TokinPotent is not an artist — he’s a businessman. The Dallas rapper says he is not only inspired by the artists he works with in terms of their craft, but by their work ethic and abilities to produce great content when everyone works together. Just look at the cover for an example of this, which was produced by the artist Tresgraphx, who has designed work for Peso Peso, ScoBrazy and AOA.

Tokin doesn’t choose quantity over quality, though, as he makes it a point to only collaborate with artists and producers he respects, in life and in his personal projects. It’s all only more evident in his latest project, DDDEAD BRAIN VOL. 3.

The 10-track album is the perfect window into the life of an artist who is tortured by the high life peppered with drugs, betrayal, lies and deceit. 

What makes “On My Way To Hell” such a fantastic opening track for the album is its ability to combine all the familiar elements of “SoundCloud-sad-boy-rap” into a murky and unique trap track produced by YDNA. It’s slow, melodic and the catchiness creeps up on you — but you won’t notice it until you find yourself randomly humming melody of the strings to yourself. This track starts as head nod before turning into a full-blown addiction by the first few listens.

The secret to good quality is working and producing with only those you expect to get the perfect elements to keep a listener hooked, attached and scratching for more. Tokin does just that with “On My Way To Hell.”


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