C. Bruce Willis, II

Eastbound & Down

Head to East Dallas for a Cheap Date Night That Will Still Impress I was looking for a great date night with my lady in East Dallas. Turns out it wasn't very h...

Counter Culture

You Can't Pronounce Mesa Without Saying "Meh." Mesa 118 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite A Oak Cliff Food: 2.5 Tacos out of 4 Service: 3 Tacos out of 4 Ambianc...

C. Bruce Willis, II

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Bruce is a local attorney and native of Louisiana. He has experience in print and online media, and has won awards on a national scale for this work. Bruce has experience in starting small to medium size businesses and has held the role of Executive Vice President at an aviation company in the DFW area.